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Haxx: All inclusive!

Haxx on the beach through the eyes of our consultant: Robin Lievrouw

Arriving in Mallorca!

In the early morning of the first day of our trip to Mallorca, the vibe was already immaculate with a mile high party. Party music & lighting was part of the flight and this immediately set the tone for the next following days!


Arriving at the hotel, the sun was out and we were able to refresh with a drink, while looking at the beach from the hotel terrace. We had to pinch ourselves for a moment to believe we were actually here, with our company Axxes!

View from Hotel Meliá Calviá Beach

Following that, the next activity arrived at the beach: two large party ships to pick us up. Halfway the trip we dove in the enjoyable, warm sea and were able to explore it either by snorkeling, speedboat, underwater scooter, paddleboarding or just by having a relaxing swim.

After dinner the day ended with a party in our designated club for the trip, Club Stereo, where I’m sure some memorable stories will live on!

Day 2

Haxx day! The rain seemed to be pouring outside, but it didn’t matter since this day was fully about knowledge sharing at Axxes with our own conference, Haxx. Interesting talks were given about all sorts of subjects in 5 different conference rooms of the hotel. Next to various technical subjects, also talks about economy, HR subjects and mindfulness were on the agenda.

A memorable addition to this year’s conference were the comical party talks. 8 brave consultants decided to take on the challenge and had the whole room laughing with their timeboxed slides. These will surely return for next year’s edition!

A big thank you to all the people behind the scenes and the speakers, of course, for making this happen!

Day 3

On day three, we were set out to explore the beautiful capital of Mallorca, Palma. We were divided into groups for a city hunt, all sorts of games around the city, competing against each other. It was a nice way of sightseeing Palma!

The day closed with our very own Casino night! Several classics like poker, baccarat and roulette were set up to play for us. Along with that, 7 of our own DJ’s were playing tunes on the dance floor. DJ’s ‘Krapuul in Haxxe’ closed off the night with a bang!


Returning home

The final day sadly arrived, but with lots of cool activities planned. You could pick between four activities. Firstly, we could go hiking to seek out the beautiful nature and views of Mallorca. Next to that, the Axxes cycling team went for a nice bike ride along the city. Another option were different beach games. Finally, the more adventurous folks could go coasteering, which was a mix of climbing, jumping off cliffs into the sea and exploring some interesting caves!

After checking out of the hotel, we returned home and back to our normal lives. We’ll surely miss Mallorca, but maybe we’ll return, one day…

- Robin Lievrouw -

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