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Full talk (1h)

Home Automation - Easy to build your own Domotics/automation via Home Assistant

25 juli 2023

You’ve probably heard about Home Automation but to some it might still look and feel as if you’re living in a haunted house: Lights automatically going on and off. Music randomly starting to play. The blinds opening and closing… But rest assured, there is nothing spiritual going on here.

Home Automation

In this talk I will show you how easy it is to build your own Smart Home using the Home Assistant home automation platform. What is Home Assistant? What is a Smart Home? What do we mean when talking about Home Automation? And most importantly: How can I use Home Automation to improve my current living situation?

Home aut

I will give you an insight in my own home, and how I use the power of Home Assistant to make my family’s life just a little bit easier for little to no additional cost. And you can do the same! Considering most of you probably already have Smart Home-compatible hardware without realizing it.


Matthias van den Elsacker

I started out my IT Career as all-round IT support for small to medium-sized businesses. After a few years I joined Axxes IT Consultancy in 2014, where I still work today as a System and Network Engineer.

Today, I am primarily working with Cisco networking equipment. Past experiences include Microsoft technologies like Active Directory, PowerShell and System Center Configuration Manager.

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