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Hack Your Future - Masterclass

How did you experience the masterclass?

Student 1: It was a perfect primer in .NET. I certainly learned a lot of new things, even though we sometimes had to rush through certain subjects.

Student 2: It was a lot of stuff to process in the last few weeks, but overall I am delighted I took this class. The end project was an excellent way to put all the learned things together. Unfortunately, time was a little bit short to see everything in detail .

What were the most important concepts you learned during class?

Student 1: The concepts and principles of OOP were essential. I only saw JavaScript before, so it was initially confusing to put everything together. After the first few lessons, I got the hang of it, and now I understand the importance of OOP. Also, learning about file and folder structure was vital to me.

Student 2: I think everything we learned in the last few weeks was critical. Asynchronous programming was something I struggled with at first, but after some explanations and exercises I saw the benefit off it. Also, working with interfaces and dependency injection was challenging the first time I saw it, but it became more evident with practice.

What is, according to you, the most exciting feature in .NET?

Student 1: I love the versatility and compatibility of the framework. There are so many things you can do with .NET, and we just saw a small portion of it. The way code is structured is something nice. It is straightforward to search in code because of all the conventions.

Student 2: I like the feature of making cross-platform applications and using WinForms. Although we didn't explore them during class, I already explored a bit after the classes on my own. Next to that, the hot-reload functionality is fantastic to have.

Were there any topics you wanted to explore more during class?

Student 1: I wish we spend some more time on concepts like generics and dependency injection. It was a lot of information to take in, in a short amount of time.

Student 2: In class, I would have liked to explore asynchronous programming and dependency injection more in-depth, as well as using different nuget packages. Using Azure Data, LINQ and migrations are some subjects that I wanted to handle somewhat more. Databases in general, are something I wanted to learn more about.

Any parting words?

Student 1: Great! thanks to all the coaches from Axxes. You were all incredibly patient and very enthusiastic about sharing your knowledge week after week. Thanks to your hard work, I am confident the next class will be even better!

Student 2: All coaches had excellent knowledge of their subject. They talked often about their day-to-day life as a programmer, which gave us a lot of insights into how these concepts are used in their daily work life.