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A tipping point: Axxes acquires a stake in HCS Company and heads for the Netherlands

There are some moments in your professional career that you never forget. Matters that change the course of a company so hard that there is a 'before' and an 'after'. I am pleased to announce that Axxes is at such a turning point again today: we are acquiring a stake in our industry peer HCS Company and thus expanding into the Netherlands.

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When I joined Axxes as an Account Manager in 2003, the company was celebrating its fifth anniversary. Eighteen years later Axxes still consists of IT consultants who do their jobs with an insane amount of passion. Still, a lot has changed.

Axxes has obviously been growing: large companies such as Katoen Natie, VRT, Colruyt and HealthConnect now count on our +/- 500 IT consultants every day. And when I say 'our' I also mean the 180 freelancers, 70 experts from Euricom, and as of today also the 60 experts from HCS Company.

Last year Axxes was in fact at another tipping point, when we acquired Euricom from Mechelen. In one fell swoop, we acquired 70 new colleagues, consultants with a focus on .NET. We then consciously decided not to merge the two companies. After all, there is a lot involved, and the individuality of one of the two would perhaps suffer as a result. We have centralized a few things - administration, marketing and finance - but for the rest both companies are going their separate ways.

We decided to create a group above the companies that we named Tech Tribes. Right from the start we had the idea of acquiring other sector colleagues who operate within a specific technology. Thus, in time, a cluster of similar companies can be created without having to integrate them all.

In our search for additional profiles, we found a perfect partner in the Dutch HCS Company. Their expertise lies mainly in the open source technology of Red Hat. Something different from what Axxes or Euricom do - thus being an ideal extension for Tech Tribes! Their knowledge of open source and devOps will allow our clients to release even faster. On the other hand, HCS Company's experts can also learn a lot from the expertise of Axxes and Euricom. Did I mention that this is a pivotal moment for our organization?

Perhaps the nicest thing about the news is the international aspect. We were already a bit active in the Netherlands, but, thanks to this acquisition, we are at once even more present. The HCS Company team is a good match, so we are all eager to get started.

The corona crisis has taught us that this is the ideal time to move on and expand into new markets. The participation in HCS Company is in any case a new step in that story!

Watch the video regarding Axxes' participation in HCS Company here: Axxes x HCS Company

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