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Axxes is a full-service IT consultancy. Our specialist IT consultants focus on delivering flexible and qualitative Software Development, Quality Assurance, Infrastructure, DevOps, Cloud Solutions, Architecture, and Project Management services and solutions.

Every day, our team of 400 experienced IT professionals make all the difference at our clients. We bring the right expertise to your project.


In a disruptive world like IT, agile working is essential. All Axxes consultants are highly skilled, having acquired in-depth technological expertise during their training and on the job. After joining Axxes, knowledge acquisition continues to be a priority, ensuring that our consultants stay up-to-date with the latest innovations.

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In today’s fast-paced world, the impact of IT on your business has never been greater. Your in-house IT department may struggle to respond to these evolving challenges due to a lack of resources and knowledge. At Axxes we are happy to discuss every aspect of your project and digital transformation, from start to finish. We provide access to the required know-how at the right time and suggest the right person for the right project. More than 400 consultants with expertise in software development, quality assurance, infrastructure, DevOps, cloud solutions, architecture, project management and much more.

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Save time and valuable resources by skipping the traditional recruitment and selection or bodyshopping processes and hit the ground running with the right team.

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