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Remmicom was looking to strengthen its Software Development unit in order to further develop the various projects. The software specialist from Westmeerbeek develops software solutions for local governments and could use some extra .NET developers. The company called on the IT consultancy company Axxes, which succeeded in supplying five well-trained junior profiles in the short term. They were able to join the various existing teams immediately, which meant that the software products could be delivered faster.

Software Development

"Finding new developers is not easy," says Jan Buelens, Software Manager at Remmicom. "We strongly believe in recruiting school leavers, but we noticed that they have less experience with project-based application development. Axxes prepares their consultants for this through the Axxes Software Development Traineeship. ”

Qualitative and immediately employable

Remmicom was looking for five new employees for the further growth of their various software applications. Important technologies used are Microsoft .NET, WFP, WCF and ASP.NET MVC.

Jan Buelens: "Thanks to their qualitative training and selection process, Axxes provided employees that could be deployed immediately, had the necessary knowledge of the technologies used and immediately provided added value during the development process.

Successful partnership

Remmicom has worked with Axxes before. Two of the consultants who came out of the previous training project were employed on a new project. "That was the start of a successful partnership that aims to have well-trained school leavers join our team", says Jan Buelens.

"The consultants gain the necessary experience and knowledge during the Traineeship, in which the .NET track focuses on the most important Microsoft technologies. Thanks to their experienced teachers, they also learn the necessary soft skillsand are thus fully prepared for the real thing."

Further expansion with Axxes consultants

"Axxes has taken the time to get to know our company well and to see how we work and what technologies we use. This enabled them to select the profiles that best fit this profile. Because of our good experience with Axxes we will call on their expertise again this year to further expand our team", concludes Jan Buelens.

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The Axxes consultants gain the necessary experience and knowledge during the Traineeship, in which the focus is mainly on the most important technologies such as .NET, but also on Agile working and the necessary soft skills. Thanks to their qualitative Software Development Traineeship, Axxes provided employees who were immediately employable and who represented significant added value during the development process.

Jan Buelens - Software Manager

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